Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stop paying for Xbox live. 

Get your friends to switch over and host your own server for you and your buddies and suddenly you have a service better than Xbox live.

Feed your destructive habits (for less!)

If your going to feed your habits and addictions, do it cheaply. It still wastes money, but you can waste less with this advice.
  • If you smoke, smoke e-cigarettes. They are much cheaper than regular cigarettes. And they are way healthier for you. 
  • Wanna get drunk? Cheap vodka with a chaser is cheaper than the several beers you will have to buy to get drunk. 
  • If you gamble, gamble with pocket change. Don't impulsively put your paycheck on the table.  
  • Like the internet a little too much? Settle for a lower speed connection, and compensate with compression. Your lolcats will still be funny with less pixels and/or color. The guy giving you a lecture on YouTube on politics, or religion, or whatever can preach to you at 240p, for the sake of your wallet.