Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Entertain Yourself Cheaply

If your broke, entertainment might not be (and probably shouldn't) on your list of priorities. However, a little entertainment is essential to anyone's mental health. Here are some ways to entertain yourself cheaply, from movies to books to video games.

  • Use Redbox. You get movies for a dollar. So if you recorded it you would be getting a full movie for a dollar without the pirated picture quality. But I'm not telling you to record the movie with something like a VCR or computer, because that's illegal. Just rent it and watch it.  
  • Get a library card. They're free and you get access to thousands of hours of reading and the computers at the library.  
  • If your thirsty for some gaming, get a PS2. They are a hundred dollars new, and there are more than eighteen hundred freaking games for the thing, and they all are cheap because the console is on it's way out the door.
  • If a hundred dollars is too much, try original Xbox. It should only be about fifty dollars and the first two Halo games will cost you about ten bucks. An Xbox, two controllers, a friend, and a Halo disc will get you hours and hours of fun.  


  1. Great post, followed.

  2. nice post, ps2 rocks and its still very playable.